New World Wealth

 New World Wealth is a global market research group, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We specialize in ratings, surveys, country reports and wealth statistics. We also provide management consulting and public relations services to our clients. Our research covers 90 countries and 150 cities worldwide. ​We are the researchers behind the Africa Wealth Report and the Global Wealth Migration Review. 

Ratings & Surveys


We publish several ratings and surveys. Our country safety index, which ranks the safest countries for woman worldwide is published every year in our Global Wealth Migration Review. We also compile hotel ratings, which focus on the top hotels & lodges for the wealthy in Africa, plus we rate the top residential estates in South Africa on an annual basis.   

Wealth Reports


Our wealth intelligence research covers 90 countries and 150 cities worldwide. We also compile wealth reports on several major markets. Some of these reports are sponsored and are therefore free to download, whilst others need to be purchased. Our wealth reports focus heavily on HNWI demographics such as city, suburb and sector wealth breakdowns.